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The recent COVID 19 pandemic has left us with a message- Take Nothing for Granted. Humanity is at its breaking point. The medical fraternity, one of the largest and most crucial services, was faced with severe manpower and resource exhaustion globally!

A huge shift in priorities were noticed. Many, in need of medical aid, were forced to seek assistance elsewhere.

The privileged resorted to private healthcare, whilst the lesser privileged left their predicament to fate.

Here at Assunta Integrated Social Services, we continuously strive to provide the poor and needy with the most deserving, pre-eminent medical assistance as equitably as possible. In line with our mission and vision of healthcare without discrimination, we recently launched the Covid-19 Immune Combo or CIC, for short, for the benefits of our patients and their families. This initiative is taken to aid our patients and their families to boost their immune system in the battle against COVID 19 and its symptoms.

In this project, we supplied approximately 3500 individuals from the poor socioeconomic background, with immune supplements (Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, iron, and Vitamin B Complex), 3-ply masks, pulse oximeters, hand sanitizers, and dressing materials (for wound care patients).

These initiatives which cover all our patients from the various components, namely, APS ASSISS PALLIATIVE SERVICES), AWCS (ASSISS WOUND CARE SERVICES), MC (MOBILE CLINIC), SWOP (SOCIAL WELFARE OUT-PATIENT) and SWIP (SOCIAL WELFARE IN-PATIENT), ran for 4 phases over a period of 2 months.

Apart from that, we have also come to realize that the government hospitals are faced with an exhaustion of resources as well as manpower. This has led to a longer waiting period for patients who are in need of minor, non-chronic surgeries.

Hence, we have taken it up upon ourselves to perform these needed surgeries at Assunta Hospital, fully funded, as to avoid the waiting and prevent the worsening of the clinical prognosis. Under the SOCIAL WELFARE IN-PATIENT (SWIP), we have thus far completely subsidized a variety of surgeries for our patients, such as, Breast Fibroid removal, Uterine Fibroid removal, Cataract Eye Surgery, Glaucoma Surgical treatment, Colonoscopy, Gallbladder and kidney stone removal and many more.

We plan to continue these projects and in time to come, to expand our outreach, so that the “poorest of the poor” among Malaysians will not be left out in any medical assistance.

Article by:
Dr Darshinia Ballasingam