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Assunta Hospital Today

With over 100 specialists, the 245-bedded Assunta Hospital is now a technologically-advanced specialist hospital. The School of Nursing was also upgraded to become the Tun Tan Cheng Lock College of Nursing in 1995.

Over the years, the hospital continues to pour its heart and soul and a significant part of its profits into community work, some of which have even won regional recognition, such as the Passionately You campaign initiated in 2008 to raise awareness on breast and cervical cancers. Guided by the light of hope of the FMM sisters, Assunta Hospital will continue to evolve and grow, providing care in the true spirit of its founders.

Our Mission

In the tradition of the founding the Religious FMM Sisters of Assunta Hospital, a not-for-profit institution, we are committed to provide quality and affordable healthcare to the community facilitated by a high standard of professionalism and the use of modern technology. Assunta Hospital shall strive for excellence and efficiency, ensure patient satisfaction and respect for human life and dignity, through teamwork, dedication, compassion and innovation. Assunta Hospital value its staff and with a commitment to training and education, endeavours to develop its members to their fullest potential.


Assunta Hospital was founded by a group of missionaries from the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) in 1954. Today, after decades of serving the community in Petaling Jaya and in the Klang Valley, the hospital continues its commitment of practising good clinical governance, providing high quality and safe healthcare delivery from its modern 245-bed hospital complex. The hospital is technologically advanced to meet and empower with a panel of over 100 commendable specialists to provide good medical outcomes in diagnosing and treating their patients. Our specialist doctors cover a wide range of specialties and subspecialties such as interventional cardiology; open heart surgery; orthopaedic; general surgery for both adult and paediatric patients; internal medicine, nephrology, urology, ENT, obstetrics and gynaecology, among others.

We have come a long way since our founding FMM Sisters established Assunta Hospital. With the upgraded technology to deliver the best healthcare services to our patients, we now offer a state of the art 3 Tesla MRI service with recent installation of a new MRI machine. An upgrade of the CT scanner is midway, providing a 640-slice scanner. We also offer Digital mammography and boast a brand new ultra modern Cardiac Catheter Laboratory. Our Operating Theatres are technically advanced to support optimised performance and efficiency. We are opening up more ‘Centres of Excellence’ to provide a one-stop wholesome care centre for our patients.

Our Vision

We in Assunta Hospital are always committed to give the very best hospital care to the community we serve. The Religious FMM Sisters who founded this hospital established excellent values and standards of tender loving care. We aim to maintain Tender Loving Care as the basis of our service. We constantly aim to make the hospital not just a place for treatment of diseases but a sanctuary of care and comfort.

As a community hospital, we constantly take into consideration the expectations and needs of our patients..

We are always watchful of the changes in the health care industry and the ever changing and advancing medical technologies. Our Quality Assurance Program ensures constant upgrading of facilities and services to address these changes..

As a specialist hospital, Assunta is committed in providing high professional standards of care through utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methods.

Assunta recognizes that in order to achieve its Mission, the advancement and enrichment of its staff and their continuing education is of paramount importance. Team spirit and togetherness is the strength of our workforce.

The Mission Statement and this Philosophy inspire every member of this hospital to provide the excellent quality service expected of a leading and caring hospital.

Board of Visitors of Assunta Hospital

Period from 1st August 2023 to 31st July 2026

Ms. Shalini a/p M Sockalingam
Mr. Lambert Rasa-Ratnam
Mr. Gana Pragasam a/l Sebastian
Mr. Lim Chin Chuan
Mr. Lin Choong How
The Board of Visitors is a bridge that fosters connections to strengthen the bonds between the ministry, government clinics, and hospitals with the local community. Their responsibility is to help and to ensure that the hospital reliably provides the quality of services and improves patient safety.