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Right to healthcare and humane treatment 

Every patient has the right to access competent healthcare and treatment regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin, religion, political affiliation, economic status and social class

Right to choice of care

A patient has the right to know the investigations, conducted, and the results of these investigations.

A patient has the right to a second opinion at any time and a medical report when requested, either by the patient or a third person on the patient’s written permission and consent. Fees will be charged for the report 

Right acceptable safety

Before commencement of treatment, a patient has the right to a clear explanation of the proposed treatment, including procedures and common complications that may arise. 

A person has the right to alternative treatment if available. 

Right to adequate information and consent 

A patient has the right to know the identity and professional status of the attending doctor and the healthcare personnel providing service to the patient.

A patient has the right to itemise billing of his or her management and treatment 

A patient has the right to information on medication prescribed to him or her. 

The patient’s consent shall be required before any procedure is carried out, and in the case of a minor, the consent shall be obtained from the parents or next of kin or guardian. 

Right to redress of grievances 

A patient shall have access to appropriate grievance mechanisms and when required this will be explained to him or her by the Doctor or the hospital staff.

Every patient has the right to enquire for information and provide feedback to the Head of Department concerned or the Patient Relations Department.

Right to participation and representation 

A patient shall have the right to participate in decision making affecting the patient’s health with the health professionals and personal involved in direct healthcare.

Right to health education 

Every patient shall have the right to seek and obtain advice with regards to Promotive, Preventive and Curative medicine, and rehabilitation to maintain or regain good health and a healthy lifestyle. 

Right to a healthy environment 

Every patient shall have the right to an environment that is conducive to good health.