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World Heart Day

Assunta Hospital continues in its mission as healthcare provider to help underserved communities in the face of global economic challenges


World Heart Day Forum
Dr Sathvinder Singh is giving his input and insights during World Heart Day Forum

PETALING JAYA – Assunta Hospital recently concluded a week-along event to commemorate World Heart Day, an annual global awareness initiative on heart health and accelerate actions that can prevent, detect, and manage cardiovascular diseases.

World Heart Day, celebrated globally, emphasises the importance of cardiovascular health.

In his opening speech, Chief Executive Officer Wilson Choo said the hospital remains committed in its mission as a healthcare provider for underserved communities, even in the face of global economic challenges.

Choo pointed to the ongoing efforts of the hospital’s charity wing – Assunta Integrated Social Services (ASSISS) – in engaging with underserved communities to ensure they receive the medical attention they rightfully deserve.

The cornerstone of ASSISS’ services is the mobile clinic, which operates in 48 locations month, providing free medical care and medications to those in need.

“We aim to educate these communities on adopting healthier lifestyles to prevent (avoidable) illnesses such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, which can lead to heart diseases if not managed properly,” he added. Regular forums and monthly free health screenings are conducted promote health awareness and provide support within the local community.

Choo pointed out that individuals with a combined family income of less than RM2,500 per month can access to ASSISS’ integrated healthcare services at no cost, including consultations, medical treatment, surgery, primary medical monitoring, geriatric care, health promotion, education, wound care, end-of-life care, and emotional support. He noted that over 39,000 people have benefitted from these services to date.

Group picture representing three organization
Group picture representing three organization – Wilson Choo (Assunta Hospital), Dr Rakesh Rao (Malaysian Red Crescent Petaling Branch) and Tunku Mohammed Alauddin (Antah Healthcare)

Assunta Hospital collaborated with Antah Healthcare and received support from the Malaysian Red Crescent Petaling Branch to offer a range of health-related activities to the community. The event featured complimentary health screenings, CPR demonstrations, dietary advice sessions by the hospital’s dietitians, and free ECG tests, aligning with the hospital’s commitment to promoting heart health and overall well-being.

The highlight of the week was the World Heart Day forum, where heart experts – emergency medical specialist Prof. Dato’ Dr. Abu Hassan Asaari, Assunta Hospital’s cardiologist Dr. Sathvinder Singh, and Palany Murugayah, director of the Malaysian Red Crescent Selangor Chapter – shared their insights on the signs of cardiac arrest.

Assunta Hospital remains steadfast in its dedication to the health and well-being of the community and looks forward to continuing its efforts to provide comprehensive healthcare services and raise awareness on essential health issues.

It has been the leading healthcare service provider for more than six decades in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

A not-for-profit establishment, the hospital operates on social entrepreneurship, where up to 50% of its profits are reinvested back into the hospital’s expansion, investment in new equipment and technology, and to cover the hospital’s operational costs.

The remaining 50% is channeled to ASSISS, which is to subside medical care to patients from the lower social economic group and qualify for medical aid, based on criteria set by the committee.

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