Modern imaging devices such as X-rays, MRIs and CT scans allow doctors to look into your body for accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Services offered include:

  • Diagnostic Imaging, X-rays
  • C.T. Scan, MRI, Ultrasound
  • Image- Guided Biopsy
  • General Radiology
Radiologist A doctor that uses of X-rays and imaging to diagnose disease

Resident Consultants

Aida Rohana Md Ghazali
Consultant Radiologist
Dr Aida Rohana Md Ghazali
MBBS(UM), Dip. Radio-Diagnosis(Lond), FRCP(Lond)
Emily Mah Siew Ling
Consultant Radiologist
Dr Emily Mah Siew Ling
MBBS(Ind), MRad(Mal), FRCR(UK)
Foo Chew Ying
Consultant Radiologist
Dr Foo Chew Ying
MBBS (MMMC), MMed Diagnostic Radiology (NUS), FRCR (London)
Tan Tse Nee
Consultant Radiologist
Dr. Tan Tse Nee

Visiting Consultant

Basri Johan Jeet bin Abdullah
Consultant Radiologist, Consultant Interventional Radiologist
Dr Basri Johan Jeet bin Abdullah