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SOCSO Health Screening

Discover the benefits of SOCSO / PERKESO’s Health Screening Program (HSP) 3.0, available at Assunta Hospital.

What is HSP 3.0?

SOCSO Health Screening Program (HSP) 3.0 is a free health screening programme aimed at promoting early detection of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) among Malaysian workers aged 40 to 59 years old.

Free Health Screenings for NCDs

Take advantage of free health screenings, available for active SOCSO contributors which include tests such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and tumour markers. Early detection can make a significant difference in your health outcomes.


The Screening Includes:

  1. Physical Examination
  2. Mental Health Screening
  3. Consultation

The Test Parameters Are:

  1. Full Blood Count (FBC)
  2. HbA1c
  3. Fasting Lipid Profile
  4. Renal Function Test
  5. Liver Function Test
  6. Tumour Marker (CEA & AFP)
  7. Urine FEME
  8. Pap Smear (Female)
  9. Mammogram (Female)

Program Duration

HSP 3.0 is made available until 31st December 2023.

Who is eligible under the HSP?

  • Malaysian
  • Aged 40 to 59 years old
  • An active SOCSO contributor under the Invalidity Scheme (has at least one (1) month of contribution in the current year).
  • Has at least 12 months of total contributions under the Invalidity Scheme.
  • Open to all eligible workers (including those who have undergone HSP before).


Simple Eligibility Check and Appointment

Determine your eligibility and schedule your health screening under HSP 3.0 conveniently through the SEHATi mobile app. Download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and take the first step towards a healthier you.


Check HSP eligibility

Employers / employees can check HSP eligibility at or download the SEHATi mobile application through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store platform for an easier and more flexible process.


Schedule an appointment

If eligible, you can schedule an appointment for a health screening with a clinic registered under SOCSO's Health Screening Program panel clinic. Employees can browse the SEHATi website to get a list of panel clinics. Assunta Hospital is one of the SOCSO panel provider.


Answer health risk assessment questions


Attend the health screening


Get your health screening updated

Get your health screening updated via SEHATi application upon second visit

Why Choose Assunta Hospital?

Assunta Hospital is committed to deliver good and trusted healthcare services to all. Our hospital has been providing medical attention since 1954. Our experienced medical professionals with latest facilities and services ensure you receive best care during your health screening.

Secure Your Health Today

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your well-being. Secure your spot for HSP 3.0 at Assunta Hospital and embark on your journey to a healthier, happier life.

Act Now!

Your health matters. Act now to avail of PERKESO’s Health Screening Program 3.0 at Assunta Hospital. Download the SEHATi app, check your eligibility, and book your health screening today.

For more information on HSP, click the link given: or kindly contact Assunta Hospital Health Screening Unit (HSU) via:

  • Call: 03-7872 3038 / 3039
  • WhatsApp: +603-7872 3039