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Commencing 640-slice CT Scanner @ Assunta

We are delighted to announce our latest 640-Slice CT Scanner is now in full operation.

This state-of-the-art and technologically advanced CT Scanner will able to make every scan FASTEST and SAFEST possible with it’s advanced Ai-ASSISTED technologies that keep the RADIATION LOW and IMAGE QUALITY HIGH.

It is capable to capture the image of an entire organ quickly, accurately and in high definition with a single 640-slice rotation.

It stands out with a CT solution that OPTIMIZE OUR DOCTORS’ WORKFLOW and IMPROVE PATIENT EXPERIENCE. Ultimately it helps our doctors to MAKE A CLEAR, CONFIDENT DIAGNOSIS that enables every patient to start with the treatment journey they most deserved.

For more information, you may reach our radiology department at:
General Line: +603- 7872 3060

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