Trusted for Generations – Part 3

When in Need, Near or Far, Assunta Hospital is Where I Go

20Acclaimed local celebrity, Fara Fauzana who is known mostly for her smoky voice as a HotFm disc jockey, and her family would never dream of visiting another hospital for treatment apart from Assunta Hospital despite living in Shah Alam.

Thanks to her mother, Faridah Abdul Jalil, Fara and her brother who grew up in Shah Alam would always visit Assunta Hospital for even the slightest of fevers despite the distance.

“Assunta Hospital back in the day was The Hospital to get treatment and it was also probably because when my parents first married, they lived within the area and grew to trust the doctors and consultants for their medical services.

“We always got excellent medical attention here.

Her mother who is a loyal patron of the Hospital and a former SRK & SMK Assunta Convent student, shared that her pregnant sister who was expecting during the same period as she, would both visit Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Consultant Datuk Dr R.Menon together.

“We even had out babies a few weeks apart here and our kids share the same special bond we do.

Faridah recalls her eldest son, Ahmad Fazrideen’s frigthening accident when he was a three-year old boy.

“We were living in Subang Jaya then and he was playing when he suddenly fell and landed on his head.

“In a state of panic and fright, the only place I could think of turning to was Assunta Hospital. We immediately rushed him there and found that he had a mild brain concussion.

For Fara, Faridah and Fazrideen, the Assunta Hospital is a second home.

“We don’t spend all of our time here for sure but whenever there is a need we will definitely turn to Assunta Hospital.

Fara who is currently single vows to deliver her children here at the hospital where she was born.