Trusted for Generations – Part 2

Assunta to the Rescue! Long-Serving Staff Recalls How the Hospital Contributed to Her Childhood

 Long Serving Staff“My service and contribution to Assunta Hospital will know no end until the day I leave my last breath.”

This is what A. Valeyamal said as the tale of her 33 years of pure dedication and vehement loyalty for the Hospital unfurled.

 It all began when her family of nine moved to Petaling Jaya from Kuantan following her father’s death.

“The Hospital had only just been launched back then in the early 50’s and I was still a very young girl.

Her recently widowed mother then had no choice but to live with her sister who was a nurse at the new hospital and care for her nine children and would frequently rely on the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary nuns for daily provisions and medical necessities.

“I still remember playing within the compound of the hospital and being sent home with my siblings laden with household supplies such as milk powder, flour, and snacks.

She said whenever anyone in the family would fall ill, the hospital always provided the best medical care for them at no cost at all due to their poor financial capacity at that point.

“These were the highlights of my childhood as the nuns were very kind to us and I will never be able to forget these good deeds.

As a young lady, Valeyamal knew she wanted to be a nurse just like her aunt and completed her nursing course in Ipoh. She was then posted to a nearby hospital for four years before she heard that the Assunta Hospital was looking to recruit a fresh batch of nurses.

“I immediately jumped at the offer and started work as a ward nurse and soon after that I was transferred to the operating theatre where I have spent 30 years of my life up to date.

Valleyamal who is also a mother of three owes her children’s education background to the hospital.

“I have been working here for so long and have enjoyed the benefits of working that I owe my children’s education to the hospital. It would have been impossible to educate them to this extend had I not been working here,” she said.

Two of her three children who were all born at the hospital at no charge, are now graduates and lead successful careers abroad.Her youngest is now completing his degree locally.

“The Assunta Hospital has always been a part of me and there’s never a day that goes by without me feeling grateful towards the hospital for helping me grow and become the person that I am today.

“My service and contribution to Assunta Hospital will know no end until the day I leave my last breath.”