Trusted for Generations – Part 1

Assunta Hospital is Home and Not Work. The Doctors Reveal Why…

Playing a role in the competitive medical industry is a constant challenge for all doctors across the globe. The ever changing hospital environment and competitiveness among peers for doctors however does not daunt three esteemed doctors at Assunta Hospital.

For Dr Lim Wye Keat, Dr Tee Shin San and Dr Haizal Haron Kamar, the working experience here over the years feels nothing short of a sense belonging to the institution and a “homecoming” of sorts for the trio.

Inadvertently, the very same Obstetrician and Gynaecologist specialist, Dr Teresa Lim had delivered all three doctors at different intervals in the past.

“There is a sense of familiarity about working here. I love that my peers are fully cooperative and I feel the nurses here are very competent as well,” said Dr Lim who is an Ears Nose and Throat Specialist Consultant.

Dr Haizal who is a visiting Cardiologist said the Hospital exhumed old memories for him.

“It is a very friendly place and it is easy to get along with everybody here. There is warmth radiating from within the people here and I would definitely recommend the Hospital to anybody seeking medical attention.

The youngest of the trio who has only recently joined the Hospital as a General Surgeon,Dr Tee was most intrigued by the Hospital’s close knit community-based concept.

“It is amazing to be part of such a culture. We are a highly recognised tertiary level medical healthcare provider and yet Assunta Hospital manages to maintain its warmth to provide and constantly adapt to the community’s needs.

During the interview, the chirpy trio were also thrilled to learn that apart from sharing the same birthplace and working environment, they had also extended their studies to University Malaya in the past years.

“Birds of a feather certainly do flock together,” quipped Dr Lim.