Admission and Discharge

Admission and Discharge Procedures

When you arrive at the hospital, please proceed to the Central Registration Counter at the Main Lobby of the hospital. If you have a pre-arranged admission, please ensure that you are already settled at the time scheduled by your doctor.

Important things to bring before admission include:-

  • Your identity card/passport
  • Your Medical Card and Letter Of Guarantee from your health insurance company (where applicable)
  • A doctor’s referral note
  • Past or present medical records, x-ray films, or prior test results (if your physician has requested them)
  • A copy of your advance order from your doctor.

A deposit is required upon admission. The amount will depend on the nature of your treatment.

Cash & Credit Cards

Payment in cash or by credit cards is accepted.

Guarantee Letter/Insurance

A Letter Of Guarantee from your company will be accepted only if your company has a current account with us. Please present the Letter Of Guarantee upon admission.

See our list of accepted insurance providers.

Here are some general guidelines on admissions:

Upon admission, you will be given a wrist identification bracelet (I.D.) with your name and Hospital Number (HN). It is important that you wear your identification bracelet at all times throughout your stay at Assunta Hospital.

What to Bring


For your own added comfort you are encouraged to bring personal items such as spare clothing, floor slippers, additional toiletries, grooming aids and reading and writing materials.


For safety reasons, we advise that you leave personal valuables, cash and electrical appliances such as laptops, portable DVD players etc, at home. Assunta Hospital will bear no responsibility for lost or damaged items.

Visiting Hours : 11.30 AM – 3.00 PM / 5.00 PM – 9.30 PM

Discharge time for warded patient is before 12.00 noon. Please be advised that:

  • Lunch will still be served to patients checking out by 12.00 noon
  • Patients who are discharged after 12.00 noon may have to bear additional charges (half-day room rate).
  • Patients who wish to leave only after 6.00pm, will be imposed a full day room charge.

For more information, please call the Billing/Discharge Counter at +603 – 7872 3048 / 3049