My Assunta Story

Assunta Hospital started with humble beginnings as a maternity home, and now after 60 years, the hospital has grown together with the community of Petaling Jaya into a well recognised tertiary care private hospital. Assunta Hospital has touched many lives through this journey the past six decades, here are some of the stories:

Part 1: Trusted for Generations

Assunta Hospital is home and not work. The doctors reveal why…

Part 2: Trusted for Generations

Assunta to the rescue! Long-serving our_teamrecalls how the hospital contributed to her childhood…


Part 3: Trusted for Generations

When in need, near or far, Assunta Hospital is where I go


In conjunction with your 60th Anniversary, we would like to revisit our past with you and recall some of the defining moments that Assunta Hospital has been through. If there is a story you want to share about or some fond memories you had with Assunta Hospital, kindly share with us your story by emailing it to

For a bit of Assunta Hospital’s history and milestones, you can also read more about our history or view our milestones.